Sapir Azulay

Sapir Azulay is a Los Angeles based actress who was born in Israel to a wonderful and supportive family. As a child Sapir's main focus was dance and she avidly performed Classical, Ballet and Funky Jazz for over 11 years. It was only at the age of 15 when Sapir discover her true calling as an actor, she transitioned from training as a dancer to formally training in Theater, Film and Voice.While in Israel, Sapir achieve her dreams by performing in various films, commercials and musical theatre. She also worked as a lead dancer in numerous dance productions.Highly trained in martial arts and weaponry, Sapir is also an expert in Krav-Maga which she learned at 18 years old while serving for almost four years as a Captain in the Israeli Defense Force. Her job in the IDF focused on training commanders to fight with tank machine guns in combat.Sapir moved to Los Angeles in 2011 in order to further her career as an actress. She quickly landed roles in professional theatre productions, guest st

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