( 1941 - )

( 80 yaşında 1.85 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Shah Abbas Khan Yeri: Bangalore, Hindistan

Kısa Biyografi

Abbas Khan was born on January 3, 1941 in Bangalore, India. His family has mixed Pathan and Iranian blood. He has 3 brothers Sameer, Feroz and Akbar. Feroz and Akbar are movie stars within their own rights, while Sameer assists the family-run Golden Palms Spa in Bangalore.He entered the silver screen during 1964 with a brief appearance in Haqeeqat, and then officially launched his career with the blockbuster 'Dosti' during 1964 leading to the birth of Sanjay Khan.He started acting in the Hindu-dominated film industry, and like Dilip Kumar and others chose a Hindu name of Sanjay to be seen as part of the mainstream.Sanjay went on to act in over 30 movies, most of them are well known and are popular even today. His career spanned from 1964 with Haqeeqat and went on 1986 with Kala Dhandha Gorey Log. Sanjay was especially popular with the women due to his handsome boyish looks, the kind that Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Rajendra Kumar, etc. had.He has a passion for sports cars, especially Cadillac and imported cars that he picked up from embassy disposals. He has always owned 3 to 4 cars at any given time. He is still unable to hold on to a car for more than a few months, and loves the smell of a new car.He got married to Zarine, a Parsi, and both eventually became parents of 3 daughters, Farha, Simone, Suzanne, and a son, noted film actor, Zayed Khan. While Zayed is married to Malika Parekh; Farha has married Aqeel; Simone is married to Ajay Arora; and Suzanne is married to Bollywood heart-throb, Hrithik Roshan.Apart from being a successful actor, he has also involved in writing the script of Kala Dandha Gorey Log; has produced & directed Abdullah; and was also involved in the production of Chandi Sona.His tryst in the acting and direction of The Sword of Tipu Sultan caused him burn injuries when a fire engulfed the Premier Studios in Mysore, and he ended up being hospitalized for several months.He is currently involved in the filming and production of Maryada Purshotam. He had earlier produced another mini-series Sanjay Khan's Mahabharat, based on the teachings of Bhagwad Geeta and depicting the battle between the forces of good and evil.

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