Sammy McKim

1924 - 2004

Sammy McKim was the second of a family of five child actors of the 1930s and 1940s, but the first to get into the movies and pave the way for the rest of the McKim siblings. Sammy and his older brother, David McKim, were born in Vancouver, Canada. The family moved to Seattle, Washington, when they were both still young and settled there for a time. The younger children (Lydia McKim, Harry McKim and Peggy McKim) were born and raised there. The family was forced to find a warmer climate in 1935 when their father's health worsened, so they moved to Los Angeles (where he died in 1938). With a face full of freckles, unruly hair and a pleasant disposition, Sammy attracted the attention of a casting agent while visiting a movie studio and started working as an extra within a short time. The others soon followed suit, mostly in extra or bit roles. None of the McKim clan ever became popular child stars, but Sammy proved to be the most productive of the five. He won a recurring co-star role in m

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