Salvo D'Angelo

'Salvo d'Angelo', an architecture graduate, was initially active in motion pictures as a decorator in the late thirties, and eventually became a film producer, starting with documentaries, most of them on behalf of the Vatican, which were awarded important prizes at the Venice and Cannes International Film Festivals. This encouraged him to set up his own company, _Universalia_. He was one of the very first to recognize the genius of Luchino Visconti, Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica, producing their early films (La Terra Trema (1948) for Visconti, _Germania anno zero (1947)_, for Rossellini, and _Porta del cielo, La (1946)_ for De Sica). Visconti's 'Terra Trema' screenplay was refused by all producers at the time, as they felt it would hardly be a box-office hit. Salvo d'Angelo was the only one who believed that Visconti (who had made at that point just one film) would make it a great movie that would eventually repay its cost. That proved to be true: the film was awarded the Si

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