( 1955 - )

( 66 yaşında )

Doğum Adı: Salah Abdullah Yeri: Kahire, Mısır

Kısa Biyografi

Salah Abdallah moved when he was seven years old to "Bulaq El Dakrur" .He was interested in writing poetry and political action to political activity, until he became Secretary of the youth "Bulaq El Dakrur" and "El Dokki". When he joined the faculty of commerce attracted band representation of the university, and was impressed with progress of the work of a play on the stage of the university theater, he decided to configure a theater group called "coalition forces of the working people," the band has succeeded in drawing attention to it, where he presented in which an actor and director of a number of theater to great writers of that period, . Owes thanks to his discovery by director "Shakir Abdul Latif "who present him in play of "Rabaa el Adawya," Then share with artist "Mohamed Sobhi "band .His most famous roles in series "wolves of the mountain" with the artist Ahmed Abdul Aziz. That Close his relationship with cinema and made a number of important films that put him among the stars, starting from the movie "Desire" with "Nadia El Gendy", and the movie "Citizen and Informant and Thieves" with the director"Dawood Abd El Said".

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