Ryûhei Matsuda


The uniquely beautiful and talented Ryuhei Matsuda was born May 9, 1983, in the Tokyo Metropolis, to famous actors Miyuki Matsuda (née Kumagai) and Yûsaku Matsuda. Six years later, Ryuhei's life took a tragic turn when his father, at the age of 40, died from bladder cancer. Ryuhei and his mother persevered, and unlike most offspring of famous actors, he didn't give much thought to acting as a child. Nine years later, at the age of 15, that would all change when Ryuhei was approached by Nagisa Oshima with a life changing offer: to take on the prominent role as the androgynous youth, Samurai Sozaburo Kano in the controversial Gohatto. Ryuhei took the role head on, preparing himself emotionally and physically by practicing ken do for two months straight. His film debut was a success, and acted on par with the likes of Takeshi Kitano and Tadanobu Asano. For his hard work, Ryuhei was rewarded with critical acclaim and numerous awards. Shortly thereafter, he dropped out of high school to ful

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