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Rossella Drudi is an Italian writer and director, born in Rome. Classical studies with the specialization in psychology of the evolutionary age. He started writing stories for horror comics at the age of 12 under the pseudonym of Ghibly, everything happened through a postbox from Rome to Milan, to be credible he said he was an adult man. At sixteen, he worked as an assistant editor, on afternoons after school. Later he worked as a dialogue writer for foreign television series, dealing then also the dubbing. Then he works as a script editor for an American company, with based in Rome and finally as a screenwriter, but as a ghost writer, there are always other "famous" screenwriters to sign in his place, for what was once called apprenticeship. They are all films for the foreign market of various genres. In those years she learns all the rules of action, horror, war, detective, thriller, science fiction etc. He founded a free FM radio along with other boys,there he leads as a speaker, various musical programs. In the1978 produces the first film of her husband Claudio Fragasso "Passaggi" with the money given by relatives for the wedding. He also works as an editing secretary on various sets. In 1993 he finally wrote with his name, the first Italian film. " Skinhead" and since then has never stopped. Since then she and her husband form a perfect team. He directs many scenes of the films of Fragasso, but does not sign the direction, because he likes to say that "in the family a director is more than enough".In 2008 he released his first novel, a thriller titled "Prendimi e Uccidimi". It is present on all social media,where he writes about cinema and what happens in the world . The daughter, Valentina is a good costume designer and set designer. At 4 months, it is the little Elisa in the movie "The Other Hell" filmed by her father.

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