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Doğum Adı: Roel Reiné Yeri: Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Hollanda

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Roel Reiné is an award-winning director from the Netherlands, whose works include multiple feature films and television series for Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Lionsgate, Netflix, Disney+, Starz, Showtime and many more.Roel Reiné won the Dutch Academy Award for Best Director in 2000 with his first theatrical feature 'The Delivery' and has been nominated for Best Director in 2015 for his historical drama 'Michiel DE Ruyter'. At international film festivals around the globe he has won multiple awards for his movies 'Admiral' and 'Redbad'.Roel Reiné is known for his impeccable, commercial & unique vision and broad artistic skill-set, ranging from directing, cinematography, writing and producing with his production company Rebel Entertainment.Some of his latest critically acclaimed works include: the very successful action movie 'Seal Team Eight' for 20th Century Fox, the supernatural western 'Dead in Tombstone' with Mickey Rourke for Universal became a VOD hit, and two very popular 'Death Race'; prequels, with Sean Bean.His 2015 Feature film 'Admiral', a.k.a. 'Michiel DE Ruyter', an epic historical Dutch language movie, had a very successful theatrical release worldwide. In spite of competing with 'Jurassic World' and 'Fast and Furious' in its release window. The film was a major financial success worldwide and held a remarkable position among the top ten box office revenues of the Netherlands in 2015. The movie tells the story of a 17th Century Admiral, Michiel DE Ruyter, who protects the Dutch population from a civil war between two political factions while defeating English armadas in massive sea-battles. At the Toronto European Film Festival it got the award for best movie.After 10 years working in Hollywood and building a solid reputation as a very talented and visionary director, Roel Reiné began directing for prime-time US shows; Series like 'Black Sails' for Starz and 'Blood Drive' for Syfy. By 2017, he directed the pilot episodes of 'Marvel's Inhumans', for Marvel Studios and IMAX. This TV series pilot was globally released on IMAX screens and later broadcast on ABC and now on Disney+.In 2017, Roel Reiné also directed another Europan Feature Film named 'Redbad'. This movie has been theatrical released all over the world and has won many awards for best Director, best Cinematography and best Foreign Language Movie on several international film festivals.In 2018 and 2019, Reiné has been directing epic TV shows like 'Knighfall' with big battle sequences and 'Wu Assassins' for Netflix. Also, a TV movie for Shark Week and a highly acclaimed docudrama miniseries for History Channel about George Washington called 'Washington' that broke viewing records.At the present year, Roel Reiné is directing two episodes of the Science Fiction TV show 'Halo' for Showtime and for Stephen Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment.

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