Robert McRay


Born in Wisconsin, he was raised on hippie communes and Indian reservations of the pacific Northwest. His first experience before the camera was at age 5, on "Romper Room", where he also met Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy. He became a professional ventriloquist by the age of 11 and was creating his own animated and short films in his spare time. His fascination with physical development began as a way to overcome acute shyness, which developed from abuse he suffered as a child. He arrived in Hollywood in 1983, taking assorted television roles, including winning the game show "The Dating Game". Known for his creative abilities, he became a producer for the Disney/Touchstone organization among several other production companies. His strategy to succeed as an actor was to learn all aspects of the industry first, beginning with employment as a production assistant and eventually becoming the lead casting director for a series on the Showtime network. He is a character actor, most widely

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