Robert Lansing

1928 - 1994

Robert Lansing was an actor whose tall stature, tough looks and commanding manner belied an often thoughtful and introspective screen personality. Not that acting had necessarily been his only choice - there was jazz. As a youngster, he played drums with various dance bands and was bitten by the acting bug after performing in and directing high school plays, winning the Southern California Shakespearean Festival for dramatic acting at the age of fifteen. Then came two years of army service in Japan, where he worked with the Armed Forces Radio Service. After his discharge, he hitched a ride to New York, but stopped over in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to spend two years as a radio announcer and act in local theatre. Once finally arrived in the 'Big Apple', he became just another struggling hopeful, frequenting the soup kitchen on 6th Avenue and travelling to auditions. Like countless others in the same position, he had to do in-between jobs to make ends meet, which in his case meant, working in

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