Rob Carpenter


Youngest family member of six, he moved to Vancouver in 1997 to pursue a career in film. from 1998 to 2000 he wrote and directed 5 short films that played at local Vancouver venues as he continued to break into the acting community. He joined an independent horror film company (Creepy Six Films) as a producer in 2001. As a team, they began making their first feature length (Carmilla), that went on to grab global distribution shortly after it was completed in 2004. 2 more features followed suit. At the end of 2004, Rob went back to his primary focus as an actor. As a little hard work, timing and some luck would have it, he averaged an impressive 30 film projects both independent and larger budgeted in two years. Presently, some of that work has been completed and continues to circulate the festival path with great responses and reviews. While others are on the verge of being completed to follow suit. Presently, in the film Terminus (director Trevor Cawood), he plays a man stalked by an

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