( 1991 - )

( 29 yaşında 1.57 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Rina Takeda Tarihi: 15/06/1991 Yeri: Yokohama, Japonya

Takma İsimler: Rinatty

Kısa Biyografi

Takeda Rina was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. She claims she decided to become an actress at age six. She has an older and younger brother. The younger brother is actor Takeda kazuma who has found roles in Rina's movies. She became interested in karate through her father Takeda Takeshi. She was ten when she saw her father lose a karate match and resolved to make up for it. She began practicing karate. Takeda obtained the opportunity to showcase her skills at her dojo for producer Fuyuhiko Nishi in June 2008. The producer was looking for talent. He invited her to audition for the movie High Kick Girl, which became her first movie role. Her father and brother were in the film. She also sang in the film and the song was released as a single called High Kick Girl. The film was a hit, spun various follow-ups and cemented her as an action star. Director Iguchi Noboru and Takeda were at the USA premier of horror movie Dead Sushi at the 2012 Austin Fantastic Fest. Takeda won the Best Actress award. She was in the Indonesian movie Bushido Spirit in 2014. This was her first work outside Japan. She was in a Thai production called Devil Lover in 2015 and a South Korean production next. She gave a martial arts demonstration and threw the first pitch at the Chiba Lotte Marines and Seibu Lions baseball game in 2014. Actress Fueki Yuko and Rina Takeda visited the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar on the 24th of November 2014. They were slated to appear in a Burmese-Japanese production. She was in a French documentary called Dragon Girls in 2017. The Burmese production Yangon Runway was finally slated for release in 2018. She has a black belt in karate. She does commercial work and advertising for the likes of Credit Saison. Her performance in that specific commercial made her famous. She cites an admiration for actors Tetsuya Takeda and Jackie Chan.

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