Rifat Ilgaz

1911 - 1993

Rifat Ilgaz (1911-1993) was born in Cide, Kastamonu, Turkey. He was a teacher, a poet/writer. He started writing poetry during his junior school years and evolved into one of the prolific social-realist writers of 20th century Turkish Literature. His works are successful representations of the political clashes of mid-20th century and the coup d'etat period Turkey. While he has never really been a partisan of political ideologies, the fact that he has written about the sufferings of the people placed him at a left wing perspective. He has been arrested several times due to the critical content of his works and his works have been seized. He passed away in Istanbul due to lung failure and a little broken hearted. His works are: Apartiman Cocuklari, Cart Curt, Calis Osman Ciftlik Senin, Devam, Don Kisot Istanbul'da, Garibin Horozu, Gecmise Mazi, Guvercinim Uyur mu?, Hababam Sinifi (made into a movie), Hababam Sinifi Baskinda (made into a movie), Hababam Sinifi Icraatin Icinde, Hababam Si

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