Richard Keith


Keith Thibodeaux, billed as "Richard Keith" in I Love Lucy (1951) episodes, started playing drums at the age of two in Lafayette, Louisiana. He began touring the United States at the tender age of three and ended up in Hollywood, California auditioning for Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's popular comedy "I Love Lucy". Along with "I Love Lucy", Keith had various acting stints on television, including The Andy Griffith Show (1960), Route 66 (1960), Shirley Temple's Storybook (1958), and Hazel (1961).While attending the University of Louisiana, Keith joined a mainstream rock band, "David and the Giants" as a drummer, singer, and songwriter. He left the band several years later but after Keith became a Christian, the band regrouped under the same name and went on to become one of the nation's top contemporary Christian bands. Keith and the band toured the world, recording more than a dozen albums before he left in 1989 to pursue other interests.In January of 1991, he joined his wife Kathy, a

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