Reza Leal-Smartt

REZA LEAL-SMARTT born in San Diego, CA on the 3rd of September 1997, started to display her love for the arts of singing, dancing, and acting at a very early age. She loved putting on small shows for her friends and family from the age of four. This is when her parents enrolled her into her first dance academy for Ballet and dance.In 2004 at the age of 7, Reza was cast as the lead minion mouse for the Rat King in "The Nutcracker". In the same year she performed in a performance division for local charity gala events.At the age of 11 years, Reza auditioned for the Washington Center for Performing Arts Production of ""Here We Come Away Sailing" and performed in spring showcases and productions with Studio West Dance Academy. She also began acting and singing lessons at this time and has worked with Nancy Hillman's Theatre Group for small productions that include Comedic Drama and Musicals (A Fairy Tale) put on at the local theater.In 2011 she landed a featured role in a short film (Charl

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