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Doğum Adı: Rem Koolhaas Tarihi: 17/11/1944 Yeri: Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Hollanda

Eşleri: Madelon Vriesendorp ( -) 2 çocuk ,

Kısa Biyografi

Besides being famous for his provocative buildings and teachings about modern architecture, Rem Koolhaas (born in the Netherlands in 1944) has connections to filmmaking.His father Anton was a writer and director from the 1950s and into the 1970s for the Dutch film industry.Rem, himself,influenced he says primarily by Italian directors Pier Paolo Pasolini and Michelangelo Antonioni, was part of a group of budding native cineastes which also included Rene Daalder, Jan De Bont, and Roby Mueller .Some of them worked on the experimental film 1,2,3 Rhapsodie in the mid 1960s and then on the feature The White Slave.In the journalism Koolhaas was doing around the same time, before he moved into architecture, he critiqued the French idea of auteurs and argued that a number of people who worked on a film were equally responsible.Which was not later the case when, taking about building, he is often given sole credit for work that involved other contributors.

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