Doğum Adı: Rebecca Tennison

Eşleri: Gary Tennison (2008 -)   ,

Kısa Biyografi

Rebecca Tennison is a bilingual; five foot four Latina actor, writer, and producer. She has a beautiful presence and a welcoming smile that would ease even the most anxious of actors and actresses. Coming from a rough upbringing and living a tough childhood to young adult life has made Rebecca grow a thick skin and develop a hardworking attitude. This didn't stop her from having a bubbly personality and being a social butterfly as she has made plenty of friends along the way!Before getting married, Rebecca had worked numerous jobs to support herself and her children. For example, being a bounty hunter required the skill set of blending into her surroundings and becoming a different person to catch her culprit. This job taught Rebecca how to work under pressure and keep her composure, meaning she could work any roles that require her to fight or track down criminals as an undercover agent or detective would. Working in a law firm as a case manager, secretary, and paralegal worker has given Rebecca experience in the law industry, making her a great candidate for the role of a lawyer. At the same time, being a top lead sales agent and having trained others has earned her the capability of being able to show her leadership skills, multitasking, and being an expert team player!Well, that's all cool and dandy but what about now a day, you may ask?After marriage and child-rearing, Rebecca began to pursue her acting career in 2007. She starred in a play as two different characters that contributed to Women's History month, which won her an Honorable Recognition award from Bakersfield College. But alas, she had a falling out when she became sick and was on her death bed in 2012. With the power of prayers, Rebecca recovered and jumped right back into her acting career with a more tenacious determination to succeed. She has played many roles, starting in 2015 with a short comedic film called 'Annivalentine's Day', in which she starred as a wacky, self-absorbed and dishonest wife. Rebecca Tennison also took a role as a Prosecuting Attorney with Bill Cobbs in the film 'As Evil Does'.Rebecca has become a well-rounded personality. She's trained with professionals such as Margie Haber and Jim Neib for scene study, audition technique, and cold read at Margie Haber Studios. She has also taken an improv course program with Jaime Moyer at Second City and an on-camera commercial course with Chris Game at ActingUpNetwork Studios. Finally, she studied on-camera TV & film with Paolo Pagliacolo at Krater Studios.Working with Rebecca Tennison would prove to be an unforgettable experience. Her contagious laughter and optimistic spirit make achieving obligations and goals seamlessly fun and tolerable.

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