Ray Corrigan

1902 - 1976

Ray Corrigan was a physical culturist and very good athlete. He began working in Hollywood, as a physical fitness trainer for movie stars. Bit parts in 1932 led to action roles in the Undersea Kingdom (1936) and The Leathernecks Have Landed (1936), the same year he began his role as Tucson Smith in Republic Pictures' "Three Mesquiteer" series; he did 24 films in that series before leaving in 1939. He also did 20 of the 24 "Range Busters" series which ran from 1940 to 1943. In the latter part of his career he played apes in The White Gorilla (1945) and Killer Ape (1953) and the title character in the sci-fi classic It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958). After he retired he operated a number of successful businesses. One of these, Corriganville, was a ranch and town used for filming TV and movie westerns. His nickname "Crash" derived from his powerful physique and willingness to undertake dangerous stunts.

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