Ragan Wallake


Born in Toledo OH and raised in Minnesota, Ragan (Wallake) Brooks discovered her love for performing and the spotlight at the young age of five, when she began modeling in department store fashion shows. She continued modeling, and dancing ballet through high school, until she discovered her love for working in film and television. After booking a part on "Joe Somebody," with Tim Allen, her first movie gig in Minnesota, Ragan was hooked. Ragan graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in business and a minor in advertising and marketing, and at the prodding of a talent manager, "took a year off" to try her hand at acting in Hollywood. She booked her very first audition - a guest star role on "Malibu CA," which only solidified Ragan's resolve, and launched her into a full time career as an actress. Enlisting the aid of professionals like Bob Corff, Patsy Rodenberg and Howard Fine, and training with The Groundlings, Ragan began to hone her acting and performance skills. She now stud

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