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Dr. Phil Manning is Professor of Natural History at the University of Manchester and Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Ancient Life. He has appeared and presented many documentaries, including the series Jurassic CSI for the National Geographic.Dr. Phil Manning is also a Research Associate of the American Museum of Natural History (New York) and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania (USA). In January 2014 he was elected a Fellow of the Explorer's Club. Dr. Manning's research is both broad and interdisciplinary with active research topics including: biomechanics, geochemistry and elemental analysis (particularly specializing in synchrotron-based imaging techniques), application of LiDAR-based imaging to both landscape and skeletal modelling, high-performance computing work, mechanical analysis of biomaterials (both extant and extinct), finite element analysis and imaging. Dr. Manning and his team have worked extensively in the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota and Montana, but their field program also includes sites in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.Media exposure for Dr. Manning and his research group includes a recent series for National Geographic Channel ('Jurassic CSI') that was transmitted to many countries. The series showcased the application of new technologies and methods in palaeontology. He also contributed to all episodes of a recent BBC series on palaeontology ('Fossil Detectives') raising the profile of the science and also the Manchester team. Dr. Manning plays an active role in the University of Manchester's Manchester Museum public outreach program, contributing to open-days, lectures, workshops, fieldwork, etc. He has authored both children and popular science books and is a regular contributor to public speaking programs around the world, promoting the public engagement of science. In 2013 Dr. Manning was appointed as the Science and Technology Research Council (STFC) Science in Society Fellow, so as to promote science and technology to as wide an audience as possible.The 'Dinosaur CSI' blog is authored by Dr. Manning. He can be followed on Twitter @DrPhilManning

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