Phillip J. Roth


Expressing an interest in cinema from and early age the young Philip J. Roth articulated upon seeing his first film that he wanted to "...tell pictures with light..." and he later achieved his dream. His first movie was the made-for-television (yet overlooked) classic Bad Trip (1988) which led to his other hi-concept sci-fi romps like _A.P.E.X (1994)_ and Total Reality (1997) , both of which have amazingly intricate and well-woven time travel storylines.One of the most interesting things about Roth's career is that he manages to write, produce AND direct and still make his films entertaining, thoughtful and most of all highly entertaining. During his career he has worked with such stars as Don Swayze and Dean Cain yet his output has gone mainly to television and video. Perhaps this injustice is because of apathy on behalf the average film fan who would rather watch some brainless action than truly thought provoking cinema. Roth, however, manages to press on with four projects out in 20

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