Philip Hersh

Philip Hersh, originally from Montreal, Canada, knew he was headed for the entertainment industry when he vocally reproduced the sound of a police siren and caused his school bus to pull over.To this day, his versatile voice has held him in good stead. He voices more than 50 characters and impressions. His voice can be heard in feature films, commercials, cartoons, video games, documentary narratives, television programs and as a spoof guest on numerous radio programs.Philip's creative talents and enthusiasm have lead to meaningful opportunities. He worked as Prubear, the goodwill ambassador for Prudential Health Care and promoted good health to children in South Florida Schools. Philip utilized his position as Prubear to reach out to the community and assist many charitable organizations. As a result, Philip was honored for his efforts by being chosen to run with the Olympic Torch during the 1996 summer Olympics. Philip participated in the National Tour of Read Me A Story with Danny G

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