Peter Ramster

Peter Ramster's first book 'The Truth About Reincarnation' was published in 1980 and his first major film ' Reincarnation', a feature length dramatized documentary, was filmed during 1981 and released in 1982. His second feature documentary was released in 1985. His third in 1987. Between 1987 and 1990 Peter Ramster's production company produced eight movies, including Watch the Shadows Dance (starring Nicole Kidman), I've Come About the Suicide (starring Barry Otto), Computer Ghosts (Starring Noel Ferrier), Outback Vampires, Edge of Power, Colonial Cavalry, and two others. During the nineties he produced and directed a large number of documentaries as well as a feature length dramatized documentary called The Reincarnation Experiments. He has written many documentary scripts, as well as some scripts for drama. During the 1990s his book 'In Search of Lives Past', was published. Since 2000 he has produced and directed the remake of a feature and worked on many dramatized corporate films

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