Peter Franzén


Peter Franzén is one of the most respected Finnish actors of all time. His first big supporting role was in A Summer by the River (1998), which turned out to be the biggest Finnish hit of the year. In Jussi Awards (also known as "The Finnish Oscars") Franzén was awarded for 'Best Supporting Actor' that year.He was nominated for 'Best Lead' the very next year. War film Ambush (1999) ("Rukajärven tie", original title) became the biggest hit of the year, even though the year was very good for Finnish movie industry. Supporting role in Badding (2000) reunited him with the director of A Summer by the River (1998). The result was the 2nd biggest audience hit of the year.In 2001, Franzén was seen as supporting actor in three big films. One of them, On the Road to Emmaus (2001) brought him a nomination for 'Best Supporting Actor'. Next year he played the male lead in Lovers & Leavers (2002), directed by the very respected Aku Louhimies. Film was nominated for five Jussi's, including Best F

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