Doğum Adı: Pedro Perez

Takma İsimler: Budú, Budu

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Few are the artists who stand out, simultaneously, in almost all branches of art; but, in Venezuela, there is an artist like few others. His name: Pedro Pérez, better known as Budú. He was born in Caracas on June 18, 1975 and it was at the end of the 90s that a musical project began that opened the doors to a new generation of exponents of Hip Hop, the duo Vagos y malasantes, conformed by him and Nigga. From there, the rest was history. Today, he is one of the most important figures in Venezuela, but reaching that recognition was not easy. He grew up in the San José Cotiza neighborhood, located in the Libertador Municipality. Described in his own words as a gray place, where misery and poverty abound, but drugs, violence and crime reign. An area that can go from joy to sadness in a second, depending on the problems that the thugs living there have. Among these characteristics the artist grew, seeing as loved ones succumbed to the bad steps of his acquaintances, while others gave him hope to emerge in a different way. It was those spirits that, at the time, made him see his talent and how he could get out of that gray world in which, unfortunately, he came to fall. Thus he took refuge in music and dance. He listened to Michael Jackson while he danced break dance to the rhythm of his songs. Little by little he discovered his talent and passion for art. With time the opportunities were arriving at the life of Budú, happening to be cataloged like a "malandro" (maleante) to an artist of international stature. After forming that duo, they were joined by renowned singer and producer Tony Armas (Thirteen), to create the group 3 Owners. Their musical chemistry was evident, and their talent as a group led them to be representatives of Venezuela in the best international stages. That charisma was also appreciated by the Venezuelan director Jonathan Jakubowicz giving them the opportunity to venture into Venezuelan cinema to be the protagonists of his debut, the film "Secuestro Express", a film that broke all attendance records in theaters of the country and He made it clear that Budú was a completely integral artist. His artistic history is so rich that it is almost impossible to summarize it in a few lines, however, he has walked with total success through theater, television, music and cinema, the latter being one of his great passions, because today , is one of the Venezuelan talents with the best international projection thanks to his impeccable performance in the film "Hands of Stone", in which he shares the cast with Édgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro, Rubén Blades and Usher. At the same time, he takes his music to the whole national and international territory with a high quality musical proposal, with fusions between rhythms of Hip Hop, Rap and DanceHall with an incomparable staging, that together with his musical group they put to dance everyone who listens to them.

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