Paul Reynolds


Paul Reynolds made his start as a child actor in a variety of small parts, but became most recognized for his role as "Colin Matthews" on the BAFTA award winning hit English program, Press Gang (1989). Portraying "Colin Matthews", a character who needs no introduction, and usually received little on the show, Paul gathered a semi-cult following among fans of the show. On the big screen, Paul celebrated the satisfying success of Let Him Have It (1991) where he starred opposite the by-no-means-small British star Christopher Eccleston. Giving off a wonderful performance as a disturbed youth, Paul showed us that "Colin"'s limitations ("He can't really understand anything that can't be expressed as money" - a perfect description of "Colin", as told by 'Lynda Day') in no way reflected on his boundaries as an actor - boundaries that have yet to be made. With his sarcastic grin, and wily eyebrows, Paul Reynolds has made his mark on the world of entertainment.

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