Pamela Springsteen


Pam Springsteen was born on 8 February 1962 in Freehold, New Jersey as part of a big family. Her brother, Bruce Springsteen, became a nationwide rock star in the early 70s and Pam sometimes went on tour with him. When she got older, she became a still photographer and photographed the pictures for his record singles. During the early 80s, she decided to take up acting like her brother's first wife, Julianne Phillips, did during the mid-80s and she had a small role in her first film playing a young cheerleader named "Dina Phillips" in the cult teen comedy classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), and got some brief exposure, as it launched many other future celebrities in the film like Forest Whitaker, Nicolas Cage and James Russo. She then won a supporting role halfway through a film by playing the role of another cheerleader named "Karen Sybern" in the teen drama Reckless (1984), which also starred Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah. After a couple of other supporting roles in teen films

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