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Orson Chaplin, grandson of the legendary actor Charlie Chaplin, and son to Producer Ilya Salkind (Superman) was born to Jane Chaplin in London, England, in 1986. Orson traveled internationally with his mom up until the age of seven when he acquired his green card, putting an end to his 6 month trips between Orlando, Florida and Switzerland, where he and his mom would spend half a year with the Chaplin clan, consisting of all his uncles, aunts, and cousins. He began acting as a child in elementary school. His first role was in his schools stage adaption of Amistad. His parents divorced when he was twelve years old and Orson moved with his father to Los Angeles where his academic theatre performances continued at Hollywood high. In 2009, Orson wrote, composed, produced, and performed the vocals on his debut rap album "Oz and Effect" under his Music Producer Alias "Ozzy Beats"the album was released on all music streaming services. In 2010 he returned to acting in independent film. During this time he teamed up with fellow underground rapper (and close friend) "Geek". Together they formed the duo Radioactive, releasing in 2011 their debut album "RadioActive First edition" which is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other online retailers. In 2011, Orson began dedicating himself strictly to acting, enrolling at the "Art of Acting Studio" in Hollywood, where he trained for a year. He has since appeared in many television productions, including Ray Donovan, Lucifer, and American Horror Story. He has also worked heavily in independent features, including Nightmare Cinema, and Fifth Street. Orson also continues to produce music as Producer Ozzy Beats for fellow artist Geek.

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