Noah Matthews

Noah was born in the sunshine state of Florida, USA. At the age of 15 months, he began modeling in Miami's famous South Beach District. For the next six years, Noah modeled successfully in both Miami and New York and often appeared on the covers of numerous magazines while at the same time his commercial television work began to grow. At the age of seven, Noah went to Los Angeles to get a taste for the acting world. In eight days he booked his first feature film Boogeyman (2005) and was off to New Zealand. Since those days, Noah has never looked back. He has always described acting as his passion. To the people he has worked with and to his friends, Noah's acting has always been characterized by two words- gifted and driven. In 2006 Noah became a series regular on Sons and Daughters playing the part of Ezra Walker. Noah has appeared as a guest star on numerous television shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm (2005) Still Standing (2005) Criminal Minds (2006) Malcolm in the Middle (2006)

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