Nick Lyon


Nick Lyon is an award winning director, writer and producer residing in Los Angeles. After beginning a fine arts education in his hometown of Portland Ore., Nick traveled to Germany where he studied at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Nick is one of few American directors who speaks fluent German and works in both the German and American film markets.Nick got his start in fine arts and photography. Working as a mannequin restorer in Portland, Oregon, Nick traveled to Germany where he began his studies at the Film Academy in Baden Weurtemburg in Ludwigsburg Germany. Here he studied filmmaking for four years and at Werner Herzog's advice, worked as a doorman at a large club to support his studies, and began shooting music videos for some of Germany's top bands before directing his first feature film for Warner Bros "I Love You Baby" starring Maximilian Schell, mark Keller and Jasmine Gerat. From there, Nick returned to America to direct his self produced film Punk Love.

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