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Nawell Madani is a popular Belgian humorist who was unable to make a living in her own country doing her kind of performing so relocated to Paris, where she had previously studied and dabbled in choreography.She was born in 1983 to a working class family (her father was a cab driver) and both her childhood and adolescence were marked by tomboy behavior.She started a career as a dancer at age 21 but didn't like that she was asked to wear a bikini so dropped out.At one point, back in Belgium, she was the director of an Antwerp night spot.But her main career started at age 25 when she joined the comedy group of Jamel Debbouze , followed by Tv shows she has hosted .In her stand up routines she has focused on such controversial topics as homosexuality and the virginity of North African women.Her film Stand Up Girl is based on her life.

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