Nathan Head


British actor Nathan Head is best known for his leading roles in the films Theatre Of Fear and Exorcist Chronicles, Theatre Of Fear entered the Asda UK DVD charts at number 19 and Exorcist Chronicles gained a lot of recognition in America upon its release via Time Warner Cable. Both films received fantastic reviews from publications such as Silver Screen magazine, Scream Magazine and Rue Morgue magazine as well as being featured in all the mainstream press from The Guardian to Fangoria, Exorcist Chronicles' popularity even led to Nathan Head appearing on the BBC to talk about his love for the horror genre and his years of experience in acting in horror prosthetics, creature makeup and special effects makeup. Nathan Head originally trained in Manchester, where he took acting classes at the Actors Centre and attended regular acting workshops while working in local independence productions and fringe theatre to help build up his credits and establish himself as a professional performer on

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