Nanni Candelari

He was born in Ancona in 1930 and spent more than 60 years in Rome, the city that he called "My only Lover". He start very late his career as a theatrical actor and dubber. Nanni met the young author and director Luca Guardabascio in 1995 and they decide to work together in some cabarets, happenings, tea rooms, bars, pubs with non sense parody and Alfred Jarry's pieces thanks to the roman director Filippo Gabriele. Nanni Candelari was one of the characters in the first Italian Marron movies directed by Luca Guardabascio, Inseguito (2002) and from that moment they worked together in several films. Candelari was 70 years old when Cinema and Tv discovered him. His masterpiece is considered the "marron bitter crime comedy": Addio Notte Bianca that talk about an old actor that discover to have atherosclerosis. The character was so high, powerful tragic and spontaneous that he won the Film Festival of Sarajevo and several prices as the Verso Sud Awards in 2005. He spent his last years on the

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