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MYC Agnew - BiographyAt 16 years of age, the boy known as (Lord) Michael Wilson Agnew became the artist known as MYC Agnew, and that became his Official Identity at 18 years of age when it was published on his diploma from Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas. The journey to become that artist started in the trailer parks of Corpus Christi, Texas; where, in kinder garden his teacher pointed out to his mother something unique. Her son had drawn a three-dimensional mailbox, complete with shading and its own shadow cast from the Sun, as its primary source of light. Well the doodling never ended as he has kept his "notes to self" in a journal for most of his adult life and his desire to create never ended, but a piece of paper would never be enough for all of his ideas to find their final point of presentation. MYC Agnew decided feature films were the only way for him to express his full creative vision.After a misguided two years of college at SWTSU, training "on-track" as a decathlete for the Olympics, but "off-track" from his original goals, fate would intervene to put him back to task on his real destiny (after helping his team win the Gold that year of course). You see, his heart had been broke by a girl and this, as many ex-high school sweethearts can attest, put all that he had dreamt of on hold as that cold bitter reality set in. Until finally, he cleared his head of the painful distraction of the "break-up" and started to put his life back together. Yes it took two years but he had gotten back to training at Gold's Gym in Austin, Texas and was now preparing to regain his scholarship from UT as a pole-vaulter so he could pursue his film degree, which he had lost because of said "break-up." Now, if he had just gotten back into the film program he had prepared for during high before he ran into Laura Dern, who was shooting "A Perfect World" with Kevin Costner and being directed by Clint Eastwood, who knows where he would have ended up.Fate would have Laura say to MYC Agnew "You should be an Actor with that look of yours;" and astonishingly, in just a couple days he had that acting career started. As amazing as it sounds, a woman had came into the gym and asked him if he would be interested in playing the Lead-Role in the feature film "Blue Days Lost." Realizing the potential of this exposure to the industry and the astonishing coincidence, he accepted! He immediately put his all into this new project, and this new avenue to his goal of creating feature films, by choosing to live at the production house in Houston, Texas during most of the filming. Yes, he got his film training after all, in a two-month crash course of actual 35mm production style from members of a recent graduating class of NYU who exposed him to all he could absorb in this unforgettable first time experience.After all that MYC Agnew had been through, and for all the wonderful experience he had gained; it was now time for him to give back. On June 17th, 1994, he took a one-way ticket to Paris, France to become a Top-Male Model (a title not yet invented), this was something he always thought he and the aforementioned "ex-high school sweetheart" could have done, but now realized this was his journey alone. It turned out to be the perfect way to get the graduates of NYU and their film noticed, as well as boost his own on-camera career. However, he did not know it would happen so fast, because within three months he had shot the Versace campaign with Bruce Webber and was on his way to shoot the first major worldwide Gap campaign as the first of many celebrities to follow. Working with Kelvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger (and all the greats) on campaigns, magazine editorials, branding and as well as the most high profile runway shows that existed, his exposure was everywhere one would advertise in the fashion, television and film world!Finally the little film that got him started played in New York City's Angelica Theatre and he knew it was time to arrive in Hollywood. So, in standard fashion, he dropped all he was doing and went to the next phase in his filmmaking career. On July 5, 1997 he cut off his well-known long blond hair (Immortalized in the movie "Zoolander" by Owen Wilson's character "Hansel" for whom MYC also happen to inspire) and went humbly to begin his next step. Greg H. Sims, who put George Clooney in his first film, did the same for MYC Agnew within a short time of his arrival to Los Angeles. MYC would have many amazing mentors in the film industry, to many to mention in fact. Yet, before those relationships could develop fully, MYC realized there was one very important part of his creative path he knew nothing about. So, he went to commercials for a while to afford himself more time to learn, hiding in the lead roles of major brand's advertising for the "All-American" market. While appearing from Super Bowls to World Series, he was actually learning his most important skills.MYC would spend the next ten years focused on stud

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