Musto Pelinkovicci

The goal of every actor to work often, hone their craft and find those dream roles along the way. To accomplish this you can never limit yourself or become discouraged in any way. A great example of that attitude is Musto Pelinkovicci. Musto began his acting career at age 42, after studying acting four years at The College of Staten Island with a special emphasis on Improvisation. He was born in Monte Negro, an eastern European country bordered by Albania and Croatia. Its beautiful shorelines hug the Adriatic Sea, just across from Italy.Musto speaks all the Slavic languages and a bit of Italian as well! To begin a career in acting takes true conviction or as Musto says, "My entire life is an act." As a child Musto played with his siblings and kept them amused by acting like a drunk, axe wielding maniac. Recently RG Magazine's Talent Co-ordinator, Fred Coscia, was out and about looking for talent to feature in his cable show, Who Do You Like TV? and knew immediately that meeting Musto w

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