Moroni Olsen

1889 - 1954

Even his more courteous, somewhat friendlier types gave one pause for concern. The tall, beefy, balding, icy-eyed character actor Moroni Olsen was one of Hollywood's more popular and imposing performers of film during the late 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s.The versatile player was born Moroni Olsen and raised in Utah to Mormon parents (Edward Arenholt Olsen and Marsha Holverholst). Acting in church theatricals, Olsen attended and graduated from Weber State Academy before studying drama and elocution at the University of Utah. The voice training he received there served him quite well in the years to come, both on the Broadway stage and in Hollywood. After scattered performances in stage and tent shows in the East, he spent some time selling war bonds during World War I, then organized The Moroni Olsen Players in his native Ogden. The Utah-formed touring company eventually became one of the better known repertory companies around the county.Olsen made his Broadway debut portraying Jason

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