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Doğum Adı: Monty Cox Yeri: Huntington, Indiana, ABD

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Monty Cox is a film and television professional with a career of 40 plus years in front of and behind the camera. He is a Master Trainer/Handler, Coordinator, an internationally-recognized animal expert known for his contribution to animals working in the entertainment industry from the Las Vegas gala-extravaganza, "Siegfried and Roy" to the much beloved "Gentle Ben".Monty Cox served as past President of Africa-USA, before their merger with Marine World and launched his own company, "The Lion Wild Animals Rentals, Inc." supplying services and providing his expertise, along with domestic and exotic animals.Monty has dealt in the executive branch of the business at the Ivan Tors Studios, while learning the A to Z of production, coming up through the ranks as a Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director with marquee credits as, "Apocalypse Now", "Die Hard", "Hunt For Red October", "Con Air", "Lost Boys", "Goonies", "Mr. Destiny", for the celebrated IMAX forum in "The Magic Box", expanding to the regional, domestic and international commercial arena where Monty's company owned, and trained Exxon Petroleum's famous brand identity tigers, "Taji & Tigre", both recognized in global appearances for the gas and oil industry.Monty expanded into the creative aspects of writing, producing and directing, working with "A" talent casts as well as his lovable film and TV characters, trademarks such as Gentle Ben, Judy the Chimp & Clarence the "Cross Eyed" Lion for all media markets, as well as live shows from coast to coast in the United States. Cox put an exclamation point to his action career as former president of the internationally known "International Stunt Association".Monty Cox keeps a steady hand on his animals, continuing to train fierce felines and other animals for on screen performances, maintaining records of personal achievements and recognition with spectacular boat jumps of 60 ft. through the air, exploding through walls of fire in between training and wrestling lions, tigers and bears.Monty Cox has changed gears and steps into the field of screenwriting and producing with the horror-thriller, "Road Games" where Cox makes an impressionable paw print as the Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator in this e-ticket monster franchise.

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