Monica Barladeanu


She was born in Iasi, Romania, in the South-East of Europe. She went to a local High School to prepare for a future kindergarten teacher career. She changed her mind (and her life!) one year before graduation and got transferred to a different high-school, to learn intensively for joining the University to study law. The Iasi University is known as very competitive; Monica took challenging tests and successfully enrolled in the Law College. Right before the admission exams she had to face her father's death, though.She began studying law but she had to work her way out through college. She took part time jobs as a waitress or as a promoter for various companies. An offer came to pose for a lingerie catalogue and she accepted. This brought her a bit into the spotlight at a local level. During her first University year she represented her college at a beauty pageant, "Miss Transylvania" and she was offered a contract with the best model agency in Bucharest, "M.R.A". For a couple of years

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