Mojean Aria

The dramatic arts for Mr. Aria has been a life long endeavor. Mojean met the late Heath Ledger at a film screening when he was twelve years old. He now refers to that time as a "subconscious spiritual revelation."When his parents divorced and life seemed at a standstill, N.I.D.A (National Institution of Dramatic Arts) stepped in to support Mojean's training at the institution whose notable alumni include Cate Blanchett, Judy Davis, Mel Gibson, and Hugo Weaving. At fourteen, he was the youngest student to partake in the adult classes.Mojean was born and predominately raised in Sydney, Australia but credits his multi-cultural background as having a huge effect on him. When he was in high-school, Australia was going through what is now referred to as it's darkest days. The nation was in turmoil as race riots had broken out across the country. The years of tension that occurred and having friends on "both sides" made a lasting impact on Mojean which he says, "Ignited his focus on the impor

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