Mildred Boyd


Gorgeous and reserved actress and dancer Mildred Boyd had a three decade movie career, starting in the 1920s in silents to the 1950s she graced the screen with her modest but illuminating, youthful presence whether in bit parts or dancing parts. Mildred Boyd is another unsung black performer and actress who goes uncredited in the history of entertainment and movie history, though she has contributed her talent and beauty to many films, some where she had gone uncredited, her warm presence was always a contribution to any film. Mildred was born in Tennessee and came to Los Angeles, California either during her teens or early 20s where she became a chorus girl at one of the premier black nightclubs on the West Coast, The Sebastian's Cotton Club, where she danced for many years and on the side she did movie work. Like girls of all races, pretty Mildred wanted to be in pictures, with the few roles offered to blacks being that of maids, Mildred played maid roles but played those roles with

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