Mikael Koski

Mikael was born on May 20, 1985 in Vaasa, Finland. Spending his early years in Vaasa and Uppsala, Sweden. He dreamed about becoming an actor since he was a young boy, loving school plays and theater.During his compulsory military in 2005 service he discovered acting in a whole new dimension, by providing improvised acts In multiple drills. In 2007 he received his firs opportunity to be involved in a Finnish war drama, "Colorado Avenue" in 2007.Shortly after this, he started traveling in Europe, USA and Oceania looking for new opportunities to involve in TV and Film work. In 2015 he was introduced to the Australian film industry receiving a role in "Hacksaw Ridge", and "Single Rider" -2016.Now he's based in Sydney, Australia. Studying screen acting in the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

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