Mick Lauer

Half-Chinese and Half-Irish, Mick William Lauer was born Mick Charles Cooper in Woodinville, Washington. After nine years of growing up in the little-known lumber town, Mick's family moved to Taipei, Taiwan. The following eight years were spent relocating from one Asian country to another, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan. By the age of 18, Mick (now Mick Lauer), returned to his hometown of Woodinville to finish his last year of High School.Following graduation, Mick was admitted into New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for performance studies. In 2003, with three years of conservatory training from the Atlantic Theater Company (David Mamet, William H. Macy, Neil Pepe), one year at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London), and another year focusing on film and television techniques with the StoneStreet Studio, Mick Lauer received his BFA from NYU.Mick Lauer is honored to have worked with numerous professionals such as Karen Kohlhaas, Paul Urci

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