Michael Mercurio


After studying art during his young adult life, film and stage actor Michael Mercurio moved from his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, to Chicago to study acting. After completing an acting conservatory, he was offered a scholarship with the Chicago Actor's Studio, under the tutelage of Edward Dennis Fogell. While in Chicago, he made his off-Broadway theater debut in Jorge Aviles' 'Nicas', securing the lead role as an outspoken young gay man who returns to Nicaragua to confront his past. Shortly afterward, he was offered his first film role in the low budget film Angel in Chains (2004), portraying an outlaw biker in Benson, Arizona. He then secured another supporting role as a small-time drug dealer in the film, 'Everyday', and upon moving to Los Angeles, landed a supporting role as 'Greaser', in the independent movie, Fixing Rhonda (2008).Other subsequent roles include a computer programmer who questions his own ethical obligations in Adam Cosco's, God Complex (2009) ; a psychiatric inp

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