Michael Mando


Michael Mando is a Canadian actor, born in Quebec City, Quebec/Canada. He was raised by a single father (a Doctorate in Chemistry); and spent the greater part of his childhood in Africa (Ivory Coast and Ghana) before coming back home as a teenager.He studied Psychology and later pursued an academic scholarship in International Relations before joining The Dome Theatre in Montreal. He instantly excelled at The Dome where he played the lead in all 5 productions; graduated with excellence; and was named by the chairman "as one of the finest talents to emerge from the program in the past 25 years".His career highlights include 2 CSA nominated performances, as a series regular in Orphan Black (2013-2014) and guest star in Rookie Blue (2014); as well as his award winning performance in the global hit VG Far Cry 3 (2012) and viral live action webseries The Far Cry Experience (2012).Other highlights include an on going series regular in the 7 Emmy Nominated prequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call

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