Michael Lange


Michael Lange studied Theatre with a concentration on Directing at The George Washington University in The District of Columbia. He spent 8 years in the Advertising business, producing television and radio commercials, and then decided to follow his dream of directing out to Hollywood. Over 250 episodes, one feature and two TV Movies later, he still loves his work and is very happy he decided to become a director instead of a doctor which is what his mother wanted. At least when he messes up, no one dies - well, maybe a little bit inside!His film, Intern (2000), was in the Sundance Film Festival in 2000, and it was a peak experience for him.He looks forward to continuing his directing, but has now followed another dream, which is writing and producing parody CDs with a Jewish theme.Michael has also been a double threat as Producer/Director of "Greek", an ABC Family show, Co-Exec Producer/Director on Lifetime's hit show, "Drop Dead Diva" and Co-Exec Producer/Director on "Jane By Design"

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