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Michael Licata has been a force in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. As both a writer and producer, he has been involved and responsible for multi-million dollar projects for major recording artists including Ricky Martin, Ringo Starr, Jermaine Stewart, Lil' Jon, Chris Brown, T-Pain. Lil' Wayne, Rhianna, Rodney Jerkins, and many others.In 2007, Michael created, produced and secured financing for "H2Overdrive", a thrilling reality series/docu-drama surrounding the lives of the world's most dangerous sport: offshore powerboat racing.In 2007/2008, Michael lead the development team at RedMonkey Pictures overseeing and securing various intellectual properties.In 2008, H2Overdrive has received accolades as an outstanding network project and has secured US distribution.Michael led the sales effort at RedMonkey Pictures billing over one million dollars in 2007 and 2008.Licata Productions Inc. recently launched in 2009 with 4 feature films, 2 television shows and various music projects all in development/production.

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