( 1982 - )

( 38 yaşında )

Doğum Adı: Mennat Allah Hesham Shalabi Tarihi: 22/07/1982 Yeri: Kahire, Mısır

Kısa Biyografi

Menna was subjected to fame at young age through her sensational mother, the famous dancer 'Zizi Mustafa'. Making it in as an actress, though, was a dream she had and fought for on her own. Her first film was Al-saher (2001), directed by the late Radwan El-Kashef whom she considered her godfather. Radwan taught Menna more than she could imagine. He shaped the way she perceives cinema and how to undergo the process of characterization, where she becomes one with the character and not merely an actor playing a role.Her first appearance landed her roles in films such as Iw'a Wishak (Watch Out!), Film Hindi (2004), Kallem mama (2003), and The Best of Times (2004). Menna was and continues to be influenced by great directors and screen legends she stars alongside. In I Love Cinema (2004), even though she didn't have a big role, Menna benefited a lot and holds the experience, with director Osama Fawzy, dear to her heart. Her role in Enta omry (2004) was another milestone for her. Khaled Youssef was an inspiring mentor to her.Afterwards, she appeared in El Sayed Abo El Araby Wasal (2005), Ahlam omrena (2005), as well as Downtown Girls (2005). The latter, directed by Mohamed Khan, allowed her to star with another young sensation, the talented'Hend Sabri'. It was a new and enlightening experience for Menna. After starring in Joys of Life (2005), she was ready for yet another life changing experience. Her work with Kamlah Abu-Zikri on An el ashq wel hawa (2006) provided her great pleasure and enjoyment. Kamla was able to fuse chemistry and harmony flawlessly in her film and Menna was gladly a part of it.She moved on to play prominent roles in Wahed Men Elnas, Ouija (2006), Fi Mahatet Masr, Alawela fel Gharam (2007), and Chaos, This Is (2007), an acclaimed film by the renowned late director Youssef Chahine. This film was another phenomenal one that gave her a notable boost in her promising career. She then starred in two remarkable films alongside the witty and gifted actor Ahmed Helmy. These films, Satisfied Like This (2007) and Sorry for the Disturbance (2008), were exceptional and original and they were very well received. She continued to wow the audience with innovative roles and took on that of a drug addict in The Replacement (2009). Her convincing and astounding performance gained her even more respect and appreciation from her fans.Menna starred in Light of My Eyes (2010), Microphone (2010), an unprecedented indie by the talented 'Ahmed Abdallah', Eza'at Hubb (2011), and most recently _Bibo w Beshir_, a light comedy. Although _Ba'd ElMawqeia_ is yet to be released. Menna describes her work with director Yusri Nasrullah, a pedagogue to her, as pivotal to her career. She considers her part in this movie a portal that completely transformed and reinvented her.Menna played some noteworthy roles in TV as well, appearing in series such as the superb _Hadith AlSabah Wal Masaa_, Ayna qalbi (2002), _Le Dawaiy Amneyah_, El banat (2003), Sekket El Helaly and Harb El Gawasis.Menna Shelaby has won several awards to commemorate her achievements. She was awarded Best Actress at the National Film Festival for Egyptian Cinema for her role in Al Saher in 2001; Best actress at the Catholic Center for Egyptian Cinema for her role in Banat Wust Elbalad in 2007; Best Actress at the National Film Festival for Egyptian Cinema for her role in An Eleshk Wel Hawa in 2007; Special Award at the Damascus Film Festival for her role in Banat Wust Elbalad (Downtown Girls) Film 2007; Special Mention at the Alexandria Film Festival for her role in Wahed men Elnas in 2009; and finally, Best Actress in a leading role at the ART Oscar for her role in Harb El Gawasees TV series in 2009.

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