Max Fowler

English actor Max Fowler was born on 19th January 1991 and raised in Strawberry Hill, South West London, to Karen and Simon Fowler, a Photographer in the music industry. Max is the youngest of 3 children; his sister Francesca is an Actress/Writer and brother Beau is a Writer/Director and Fight Choreographer. He went to Emmanuel High School in Clapham, London, but decided not to continue his further education and instead set out to pursue acting.At the age of 17, and without any formal acting training, Max attended open auditions for the TV show 'Skins', where he came second in the running for the role of Freddie out of thousands of hopefuls. From this success, his sister Fran's Agent at the time Eamonn Bedford decided to take him on for a probationary year, to see how he fared in the audition world, and with Eamonn's representation, Max quickly landed a role in BBC's 'Doctors' in 2008, followed by a lead role in the E4 short film 'Brink' (2009). Max then went on to play alongside Eliza

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Wolf Hall

Yıl: 2015 | IMDB: 3556920

Ülke: İngiltere
Tür: Drama, Tarih
Yönetmen: Peter Kosminsky,