Matthew Ewald


Matthew Ewald has come from a number of movies ranging from theatrical releases to made-for-cable dramas and thrillers, as well as A.F.I. Independent Productions. He was fortunate enough to have portrayed Nicholas Bluetooth on the highly popular FOX science fiction/adventure television series "Galidor." The "Galidor" franchise was an international hit spawning Matthew his own action figure, as well as merchandising rights through Cap'N'Crunch cereal, McDonalds Happy Meal Toys, XBOX and Playstation video game consoles, among many others. This year alone, Matthew has landed one of the lead roles--as the villainous Mallock--in the upcoming 2015 pilot "Trancers Paradox," as well as a guest staring role in an upcoming series shooting in England titled "Humber City."He has wrapped production on over sixty-plus films, he was a part of the highly acclaimed video game web-series "Mario Warfare," as well as the episode "Lolani" for the equally acclaimed "Star Trek: Continues." He has also had th

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