Martin Clark

1936 - 2014

Martin Clark, although born in Cleveland, Ohio, spent only six months of his life there and has never returned. He was raised in Winnetka, Illinois and attended the nationally renowned public high school, New Trier, which boasts such graduates as Ralph Bellamy, Roy Fitzgerald (Rock Hudson), Charleton Heston, Bruce Dern, and Anne-Margret Ollson (Anne Margret). While attending New Trier he apprenticed for 3 years at Showcase Theatre, a year round full Equity Theatre in Evanston, Illinois. He took small roles in 14 plays during those years, appearing with such stars as Harvey Korman, Mark Drainer, and Hope Summers. He then went on to study Theatre Arts at Carnegie Tech, Pittsburgh; Goodman Theatre, Chicago, and the Pasadena Playhouse. His career broke in the stage production of Detective Story with Charleton Heston and has included over 150 Equity productions including tours of "The Music Man" as Prof. Harold Hill, "Burlesque" with Bert Lahr, and "The "Fifth Season" with Chico Marx and Le

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